Lashes. Cosmetic Tattoo.

Lashes. Cosmetic Tattoo.

I have been in the industry just shy of 6 years, putting everything I have been taught into this studio. Lashes and cosmetic tattooing is my life, aside from my three boys and husband at home.

It continues to grow stronger everyday, with every client that walks through the door.


Let's Talk

Let's Talk

Every visit is unique. Let’s discuss your style and goals and find out the transformation that’s right for you.



Eyelash Extensions

Are you going on vacation?

Do you work shift work/nights?

Are you getting married?

Or just want to have beautiful eyelashes all year round?

Each and every woman has different eyes and a different amount of lashes on each eye. We customize curl, length, width and shape to fit you beautifully.

Each full set of lashes usually takes an hour. A volume set can take up to two.

We lose lashes every day, that’s why it is important to know, the more you have, the longer they will look full, and they will last you the longest.

Permanent Makeup

Do you have difficulty applying your makeup because of poor vision?

Do you want beautiful eyebrows, enhanced nude lips, or eyeliner all the time that doesn’t rub off?

Do you have sensitivities or allergies to the chemicals in makeup?

Do you wish to enhance your eyelash line to create a natural, sophisticated look?

Do your brows have patches that won’t grow, been over plucked, have alopecia, or have undergone chemotherapy?

Do you want to enhance your lips, create fullness or symmetry?

Come for a free, no obligation consultation to see if permanent makeup is right for you.